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Tutorial – Free SSL Certificates with SSL Management via REST API

The SSL certificate is used to make the website secure and earn the trust of the visitors. It also helps to boost the website ranking on search engines. SSL Certificates are issued by the Certificate Authority and need to be purchased for using it on the website.

An SSL certificate is a data file hosted on the hosting server of the website. When you use the SSL certificate, it enables your website to move from HTTP to HTTPS. Generally, the SSL certificate is required to renew every 90 days or 1 year based on certificate validity.


If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on SSL certification, you can use free SSL certificates. There are some Trusted Certificate Authority who provide free SSL certificates, ZeroSSL is the best of them. ZeroSSL provides a free, fast, and reliable SSL certification service for the web application.

You can secure your web applications using rock-solid 90-day or 1-year SSL certificates provided by ZeroSSL. The ZeroSSL free SSL certificates are trusted by 99.9% of browsers. Some of the most useful features of the ZeroSSL certificates are given below.

  • Free 90-Day or 1-Year SSL Certificates
  • Industry-Standard HTTPS Encryption
  • One-Step Validation and Quick Installation
  • Quick and Easy Renewal
  • Multiple Domains and Wildcard SSL

Get Free SSL Certificate

  • Before getting started, sign up for the ZeroSSL account.
  • After login to the ZeroSSL account, follow some simple steps to get the SSL certificate for one or multiple domains.

SSL Management via REST API

ZeroSSL allows you to create, install, and manage SSL certificates via REST API.

Base URL:
API requests are made using HTTP GET or POST to the following endpoint base URL.

Access Key:
Each account is assigned with a unique API key, which can be found on the Developer page.


You need to pass the API access key to the API using the HTTP GET request parameter named access_key.

Currently, 10 methods are supported by ZeroSSL API. The following methods can be used to create new SSL, validate, and download existing SSL.

  • Create Certificate –
  • Verify Domains –{id}/challenges
  • Download Certificate (.zip) –{id}/download
  • Download Certificate (inline) –{id}/download/return
  • Get Certificate –{id}
  • List Certificates –
  • Get Verification Status –{id}/status
  • Resend Verification Email –{id}/challenges/email
  • Cancel Certificate –{id}/cancel
  • Delete Certificate –{id}

Some of the methods are accepted HTTP GET parameters, others require HTTP POST parameters. For a complete reference, see the ZeroSSL API documentation.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using HTACCESS file

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