Tuesday, June 2

TV Series News – Bond 25 Will Reportedly Be Back On Its Feet ‘Within The Week’

Yesterday, James Bond fans were hit with some pretty bad news as they heard that Daniel Craig had been injured on the set of the next James Bond film and that production had been suspended as a result. Luckily, however, it doesn’t appear that the injury to Craig is particularly serious, as it’s now being reported production is expected to resume within the week.


Yesterday it was reported that Craig had slipped while running, tweaking ligaments in his ankle. Craig was apparently in a great deal of pain and was flown to the U.S. for X-rays and to ascertain the extent of the damage. Luckily, The Sun, who also revealed the initial injury, is now reporting that the damage is less serious than was feared and production should only remain closed down for a few days.

This is some of the only good news that Bond 25 has received in its life span. The film first had trouble getting off the ground after original director Danny Boyle left the project.Then, the script, which started over from scratch at that point, went through a number of hands, and according to some reports may still be having issues.

The script problems caused Bond 25 to shift its release date back from February of next year to April. If Daniel Craig’s injury had been more severe another potential delay may have been in the cards, but it now seems like that won’t be necessary.

Craig’s injury came near the end of Bond 25’s time filming in Jamaica. We know, based on the plot synopsis of the new movie, that’s where the story will start. Bond will have retired at the begging of the film, but friend and colleague Felix Lighter of the CIA will request the former spy’s help. From there, we have no idea where things go. The film is still without an official title, not that James Bond movie titles on their own usually reveal much about the movies themselves.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about the story once we know where production on Bond 25 is headed next.

This is far from the first time Daniel Craig has been injured filming James Bond movies. In fact, Craig has had much more serious injuries in the past that have delayed production for more significant periods of time. While playing James Bond is certainly going to be a physical role, we all have our limits.

Daniel Craig has been a great James Bond but at 51-years-old, maybe it’s really not a bad thing that this is expected to be his final turn in the role. We certainly don’t want to see him hurt himself in any serious way, and he’s earned the right to rest. He may be getting older when it comes to playing James Bond but he’s still got decades of acting ahead of him, assuming he remains healthy.


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