Tuesday, June 2

TV Series News – Of Course The Simpsons Had Already Predicted Game Of Thrones’ Daenerys Twist

SPOILERS ahead from Game of Thrones’ May 12, 2019 episode, “The Bells.”


The Simpsons has a better track record for prophecies than Game of Thrones‘ Melisandre and Maggy the Frog combined. We should all be watching The Simpsons regularly for hints on what will happen in pop culture a few years later. The Fox show did it again with Game of Thrones, predicting one scene from Season 8, Episode 5 two years before it happened.

Game of Thrones showed Daenerys Targaryen flipping a switch and having Drogon Dracarys all of King’s Landing, alley by alley. The Simpsons had a similar scene nearly two years ago in the October 2017 Season 29 premiere, “The Serfsons.”

The scenes even had similar angles to show the burning cities:

Here’s an angle from the Game of Thrones episode, which aired Mother’s Day 2019:

The Simpsons fans were once again left impressed by the show’s uncanny ability to see things coming:

Game of Thrones fans were left debating the merits of Episode 5, and whether Dany’s burn the innocents twist was earned by foreshadowing or not. Either way, it’s not a huge leap to think a show about dragons was probably going to show a dragon burning King’s Landing at some point.

I do love, though, how the Simpsons family watches the carnage from a distant castle in a such a similar way to Cersei Lannister watching Dany and Drogon’s carnage from The Red Keep.

The Simpsons has had many more examples, and a philosophy professor even tried to offer an explanation for how the show manages to predict the future so often.

In 2017, CinemaBlend asked The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean if there were any future predictions he actually wanted to come true, and he had some interesting answers.

Answers are coming for Game of Thrones viewers in the final episode of the series. I suspect this could be considered a prediction of the post-finale reaction:

No matter what, it’s going to be a divisive ending. Game of Thrones ends the series with Season 8, Episode 6 this Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. on HBO. Meanwhile The Simpsons just finished up Season 30’s 23 episodes but it will be back for at least two more seasons. Who could’ve predicted that back when the comedy premiered in 1989?


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