Tuesday, June 2

Who Is The Killer? 9 Detective Riddles To Train Your Analytical Skills

Train your analytical skills and detective mind with these crime riddles! Try to solve as many criminal cases as possible! Imagine that you’re a detective and you have to be very attentive to the details so you can solve crime puzzles quickly. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on these puzzle games in the comments below:


00:14 – Something terrible happened! A young lady was killed! The suspects claim to be innocent, but one of them killed her. Who is the killer? Listen carefully to what they are saying, think about the sequence of events, investigate the case and catch the killer! This crime riddle can be easily cracked by those who are capable of connecting the dots! 🕵
01:53 – A fun but difficult riddle that will boost your logic and increase your brain power! You will have to strain your eyes and check all the stories if you want to crack this case. Have you already found the answer?
02:56 – Well, Sherlock, put your hat on! An inhuman crime took place in a respectable house. You will need all your logic and observation skills to crack this hard crime riddle and find out who killed the poor boy. They all have perfect alibies, but we know that one of them did it. And you, my friend, can you solve this riddle with answer before the detective arrives at the crime scene?
04:31 – A classic criminal riddle to improve your IQ level and boost your detective skills! It’s a dark and thrilling story, so focus your mind and try to not get scared. Will you be a match for this riddle?
05:54 – Hey, Detective, would you cope with this crime riddle? If you fail, no one else would be able to solve this case, so please do your best to help us find the killer. This is a difficult detective puzzle that will improve your IQ level and boost your logical thinking. Share your ideas in the comments so that we could catch the criminal until he or she harms somebody else!
07:19 – Take a look at these 3 maids! One of them is a killer… Can you find any pieces of evidence to prove it?
08:12 – A thrilling crime riddle with answer for the most attentive detectives. Carefully study the suspects’ statements and figure out who’s lying. This person must be the killer otherwise why should he or she lie?
09:45 – Who is the killer? Why did they arrest him? A great crime riddle to test your deduction skills and boost your thinking process! This cool mystery riddle will help you learn to pay attention to details, as it turns out details are important!
11:24 – Tricky crime riddle that will puzzle even the most experienced detective out there! Only those with a high IQ (like your my dear #RiddleSolver) will easily crack this hard riddle. If for some reason your brain is tired today and you just can’t crack this tricky riddle, then just sit back and wait for the answer, I won’t tell anybody you did that 🙂

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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